5 Fruits You Should Avoid If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

5 Fruits You Should Avoid If You Are Trying To Lose Weight

The most essential thing for weight loss is diet. It doesn’t matter that you are following an intense workout routine, you wonโ€™t be able to do much without following a proper diet. A proper diet can be effective to a certain extent even without any workout routine. The most common and important food items in a diet for weight loss are vegetables and fruits. If you talk about fruits used in diet then most of them are very beneficial for your body not only for weight loss but over all health benefits fruits contain lots of vitamins and other minerals which are necessary for the human body but there are some which are not good if you are looking to lose weight.

Starting to lose weight means choosing our food wisely. While fruits are usually seen as healthy, some kinds might not help us lose weight. It’s important to know which fruits can slow down our progress. Even though these fruits are natural, they have hidden sugars and calories that can stop us from losing weight. In this discussion, we’ll talk about five fruits โ€“ bananas, grapes, apples, dates, and mangoes โ€“ that might make it harder to lose weight. By knowing about these fruits and making smart food choices, we can work towards becoming healthier and slimmer. Let’s find out the truth about these fruits and make our weight loss plan better

Fruits which are not good for weight loss

Fruits in general are beneficial for our body and they are the only source of sugar which does not affect the human body. The story is different if you are trying to burn fat. There are some fruits which in normal conditions might be beneficial but are not good if one is trying to lose weight.

Following are the 5 fruits to avoid during weight loss:

Bananas: The Convenient Sugar Bomb

Bananas The Convenient Sugar Bomb

Bananas are generally considered one of the most beneficial fruits of them all as they have lots of carbohydrates which are beneficial for your body but there’s another side to this as they have lots of calories, one banana contains approximately 150 calories and has an excessive amount of natural sugar. It is advised to only eat one banana or donโ€™t eat one at all if you donโ€™t want lots of calories or if you are cutting down an excessive amount of calories. But they are still a better choice than any bakery items.

Grapes: Bite-Sized Sugar Pouches

Gapes like any other fruit are very beneficial for the human body as they contain lots of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and carbohydrates. But they also contain lots of calories which is not an issue for an average person but if that person is looking to burn calories he should only consume these in a limited amount or none at all. The amount of calories in 100 grams of grapes is 67.ย 

Even if they are being consumed by a normal person they should only consume them in a limited amount.

Apples: Nutritional Value and Sugar Awareness for Weight-Conscious Choice

Apples Nutritional Value and Sugar Awareness for Weight-Conscious Choice

Consumption of apple is very good for overall human health and you might have heard of a famous phrase โ€œAn apple a day, keeps the doctor awayโ€ this phrase is absolutely correct as its so beneficial that it can keep the doctor away but why would it not be good for people who are looking to lose fat, well the reason is that itโ€™s justย  like the above fruits which have excessive amount of natural sugar. According to stats one medium size apple contains around 19 grams of sugar. Now itโ€™s not like they can not eat them at all but it is advised that they should only consume one apple a day or donโ€™t eat one at all.

Dates: Understanding Sugar Content and Weight Loss Implications

Dates Understanding Sugar Content and Weight Loss Implications

They are produced in very dry conditions more like in dessert and it is very beneficial for our health if consumed in a limited quantity. As dates contain more sugar than any fruit even more than pure glucose which is not good in case of weight loss. They are also high on glycemic index around the rating of 103, even the glucose rating is around 100, so someone who is trying different sorts of workouts and diets to lose fat should avoid dates at all cost.

The Sugary Temptation: Mangoes and Weight Loss

The Sugary Temptation Mangoes and Weight Loss

Mangos are considered to be king of fruits and why shouldnโ€™t one call it the king when they are this delicious, and they are also beneficial for human health but this deliciousness of the king comes with a price as they contain lots of natural sugar. An average sized mango has around 31 grams of sugar and that’s why they are not good for someone who is trying to lose fat. It is advised that if you are trying to burn calories donโ€™t consume mango at all.


It’s important to be careful about what we eat when we’re trying to lose weight. While fruits are generally good for us, some have hidden sugars and calories that can slow down our progress. Bananas, grapes, apples, dates, and mangoes, despite being nutritious, should be eaten in small amounts during weight loss. Bananas have lots of natural sugars and calories, so it’s best to eat them in moderation. Grapes also have many calories, so it’s wise to limit how many we eat. Apples, while healthy, contain natural sugars, so it’s good to eat them moderately. Dates are high in sugar and best avoided if we want to lose weight. Mangoes, though delicious, are rich in natural sugars, making them less suitable for weight loss.

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